Thursday, 20 October 2016

On 17 October 2016 The Monument Trust Fellowship and its inaugural publication 'Working Together To Improve Criminal Justice' were launched at an event attended by over 50 people and hosted by The Koestler Trust's annual exhibition of art 'We Are All Human'.

Mark Woodruff of The Monument Trust explained the Trust's work and its impact in criminal justice as well as the thinking behind creating an enduring legacy for Simon Sainsbury's aspirations. The Trust wanted to invite 8 organisations (that it had worked with for many years) to form a Fellowship to pursue their particular approaches in concert for the next 5 to 6 years in the hope that they will achieve a momentum and lasting influence greater than the sum of the parts. The Monument Trust believes that their distinctive approaches add up to a comprehensive response to the offender's journey through chances for diversion and taking opportunities for personal change, towards desistance from offending and rehabilitation in society. 

Chief Executive of the Koestler Trust, Sally Taylor talked to Mick and Linda about their journeys from offending and imprisonment. They told their inspiring stories of how they overcame the different challenges they faced.

Gerard Lemos, partner at Lemos&Crane and author of 'The Good Prison'  announced an inaugural question for 2017: 'What Do Prisoners and Ex-Offenders Need to Learn?', responses to which would be gathered from the Fellowship organisations and far beyond, reflecting The Monument Trust's belief that the Fellowship is not exclusive and makes no claim to have all the answers.

In addition to the staff and governing members of the Fellowship organisations - Centre for Justice Innovation, Clinks, Diagrama Foundation, Khulisa, Koestler Trust, Lemos&Crane, National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance and Restorative Solutions - the following organisations were among the well-wishers represented at the event: Geese Theatre, Clean Break, British Board of Film Classification, Leap Confronting Conflict, John Lyons Charity, Changing Paths Charitable Trust, Retired Greyhound Trust, Ministry of Justice, MEAM, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Caritas Westminster, Agenda, Sir John Cass Foundation, Rise Mutual, Catch 22, the Sieff Foundation, Orchestras Live, West London Mission, and Third Sector.

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