Friday, 14 October 2016

The Monument Fellowship: After 50 Years of Grants in Criminal Justice

The Monument Trust’s long-held objective has been to keep young people out of prison, and to ensure that those who offend and are sent to prison never go back.

At the end of its work, to take forward its fifty years of work, the Trust has brought together a group of organisations to collaborate as a Fellowship for several years on each stage of the journey an offender experiences in the criminal justice system - from prevention and diversion, encounter with the police and arrest, through prosecution and sentencing in court, in prison and young offender institution, and in the community after release.

We are:
• Centre for Justice Innovation
• Clinks
• Diagrama Foundation
• Khulisa
• Koestler Trust
• Lemos and Crane - The Good Prison
• National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance
• Restorative Solutions
and The Monument Trust

We invite all our friends and colleagues in other organisations and networks who share our values and ideals to join us as our work together develops and emerges.

We do not so much wish to leave a legacy behind, but set on course a concerted movement that will go beyond our work as a Foundation after it reaches its end.

Our Fellowship's manifesto - Working Together to Improve Criminal Justice - will be presented on Monday 17th October.

Mark Woodruff, The Monument Trust